Insulation R-Value Comparison羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹

Learn how GenStone's insulation value compares to other insulation options羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹


What is an Insulation Value?羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹

You may have heard of R-Value when researching different types of insulation. R-Value refers to the materials thermal resistance or in other words, the materials ability to keep hot or cold air inside or outside of the structure.

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Is it Possible?羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹

Insulating homes can be a frustrating and expensive prospect for some owners. The age of the home and how it was constructed determines the types of insulation needed. In some case, you might not even be able to add an effective insulation without tearing down walls and starting fresh. If thats the case, GenStone panels can be an option thats affordable and practical.

Its Always Possible with GenStone羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹

When you install GenStone panels, no matter the type, they arent actually affixed to the outside of your home or building. Instead, theyre setup on a framework just in front of it so theres no need to disturb any existing walls or interior framing.