Desert Sunrise Wainscot by James羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹

Stratford Stacked Stone wainscot cladding on outdoor wall羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹

Wainscot Cladding on Outdoor Wall羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹

One of the most popular applications of our outdoor panels is skirting and foundation cover-up projects. This GenStone customer used the Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone product to finish a wainscoting wall on their home exterior. The authentic look of the Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels added a beautiful complement to their home siding and significantly boosted the homes aesthetic appeal. The ease of installation means projects of this size and scope can be completed in a single weekend.

Many people are hesitant to add natural stone to home exteriors because of the costly installation and extended project timelines. With GenStones faux stone panels, you can not only get the beautiful look and texture of natural stone, you can save time and money.

Why GenStone羺,dota2g,Ӣ˹

GenStones faux stone outdoor panels are an excellent addition to any interior or exterior project. Our lightweight panels are easy to install and cast from natural stone, ensuring an authentic look and feel.

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